The OnPoint Technologies team formed a company in 1995 to develop a financial analytics product for Wall Street. Code named Piranha, the product was an analytics platform for financial time series data used primarily by the investment banking community. In 1999, OnPoint Technologies, Inc was acquired by Primark.

The core of the OnPoint team followed the product into Primark, and then into the heart of Thomson Financial (now Thomson Reuters) when Thomson acquired Primark. Piranha became the Thomson One analytics product for the investment banking group.

The OnPoint team has since been involved in a company turnaround in the private equity world, the health care sector building products for one of the leading health care information providers, and in the financial information space continuing to deliver products for Wall Street.

The team members have served in a variety of roles including CEO, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Architect, SVP Technology, Director of Software Development, and Principal Software Engineeer. Experience with very large scale applications built and deployed in three major markets on the two leading software platforms: Microsoft .Net and Java. The team's experience includes the entire software product lifecycle: product inception to operations.

One of the things that sets this team apart is the team's intimate involvement in conceiving and then driving a product to market. We drive product functionality and design. We deliver a concrete implementation of a product platform architecture not just a product. The result: customer's like this one that said "I can't wait to see what you come up with next!".

OnPoint Technology is a Idea Investments, LLC company.